A Tribute

I wrote this poem after I read John Newton’s story. 
He had a ship in which he transported captured people from Africa to 
He became a religious man after he was caught in a severe storm. 
Religious or not he kept going for more captured people. 
Later he wrote Amazing Grace. 
It was said that he heard the melody coming from out of the bowel of 
his ship during a transportation.

This is a tribute to you, sister
Who was captured and shipped
Who was sold to any one
That was seeking to buy

This is a tribute to you, brother
Who was sometimes whipped
Who had to have his job done
With a deep throated sigh

It’s more than two centuries ago
You brought a deep humming,
A sound that marked your bearings
Down in the ship’s bowels

Bodies were cruelly shipped as cargo
Hearts pounding, blood pumping
In John Newton’s trade shippings
Just humming, no vowels

At present we sing Amazing Grace
In all our diff’rent ways
We thank ‘Unknown’ for that melody
You brought from across the sea.