What Who Why?

Passengers going their way
to work, visit and on holiday
KL four one nil three / MH-seventeen
disappeared completely from the scene.

Far away you could see the smoke
My God, all that blackness was no joke
The tv-cameras show for miles around
Debris everywhere on the ground.

The plane, shot out of the sky,
We ask questions what, who and why,
There, strangers searching, touching and taking things
Respect for the dead had gotten wings.

Then came our National Day
To mourn our losses of yesterday
Transported from trains, to lorries, to our planes
Salute them back with anger and pain.

Two airplanes land on Dutch soil
bringing their heavy loads from turmoil,
Awaited by king, queen, others, families,
flags flying half-mast, ten nations’ tears.

One day hurting families
will get up off their painful, wounded knees,
Hopefully look up to see green trees, blue skies,
Find peace in their hearts, dry their eyes.