Irma Grovell was born on Aruba as the eldest child of seven. She grew up in San Nicolas.
In 1967 she left school and Aruba to study nursing in the Netherlands. She left the nursing home after a year and went on to work at Philips. She picked up her schooling and got her diplomas. She married and had two children.
After several years she went to college where she graduated as a BA English teacher. She did one period of MA English and stopped after she had her Introduction to American literature. She worked at a secondary school and left after a year to start her Homeplus Teaching, teaching English at home.
She spent two years at Hedwig van Lier’s writing course learning how to write short stories. She chose twenty stories and had them printed in a book. She then spent some time learning how to write a novel. She entered the Schrijversvakschool in Amsterdam to continue acquiring the secrets of a novel. After finishing the course she and some writers formed a writing group that met regularly to present and discuss their works.
During a contest her short story won a place between others that were published in a book called ‘Op weg naar de horizon’. She followed an on-line course by Daretoo and a workshop. The Master class “from Manuscript to book” under the leadership of Linda Crombach was almost her last achievement. Her follow-up one-year writing course was at Laudius. Finally, her last course ‘Historical novel’ was at the University of Exeter with
tutor Bridget Holding.